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Q1: why the power supply in use crashes, reopened after shutdown and operation again?
Ans: general causes power supply when the machine in use for about two kinds of circumstances, may be the first load instantaneous overload, overload protection, suggest improving the power of output power or modified load design;The second is the temperature too high, over temperature protection occur.Above all will make the power for the state of protection and when the machine, and cancel the boot can be back to normal again after condition.
Q2: what is the meaning of the surge Current (Inrush Current)?Need to pay attention to what place?
Ans: switching power supply at the instant of the input power transmission will be a brief (1/2 ~ 1 power cycle, EX: 60 hz power supply 1/120 ~ 1/60 of a second) of high current (about 20 ~ 60 a according to the product

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