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High frequency transformer

Listing date: 2017-05-22
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Main features:

The transformer is the main component of all kinds of power and electrical equipment. The company adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and has imported winding machine and full set of vacuum pressure impregnating equipment; the winding adopts a whole winding method of tyre, and the transformer is immersed in vacuum to make the insulation grade of the transformer reach F grade or H grade. The output and input voltage of the transformer are designed according to requirements. There are many single phase, three phase or multiple input and output specifications, with rated power up to 200KVA. Products meet VI, E0550, IEC439, JB5555, GB5226 and other international and national standards. Widely used in lighting, machine tools, electrical and mechanical equipment, medical equipment, rectifiers and so on.

Professional undertake to draw samples to customize.


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