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Talk about the laptop power adapter

Date: 2017-05-10
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If the laptop computer launched by Compaq in November 1982 is regarded as the earliest prototype of the notebook computer, the notebook has been with us for 35 years since its birth. As an important productive tool to promote human development, the notebook has become an indispensable role for us. After decades of development, such as shape, portability, security, stability, performance, and many other aspects, the power supply that is born with a notebook seems to have little attention. Today, I come to talk to you about the laptop power adapter.

Talk about the laptop power adapter



Today's light notebooks have become one of the most popular notebooks, and of course, on the thin notebook, there are two - one notebooks for mobile and portable. In the mobile Internet age, the demand for mobile offices also makes the notebook more light and thinner. In the case of fixed size, it is usually assessed that the portability of a notebook will be divided into two parts, one is the weight of the bare machine, the other is the weight of the travel (the weight of the bare machine + power adapter), and the weight of the naked machine is often guaranteed. It's very good, and the power adapter has become a big stumbling block, which is embarrassing. Is there no way to make the laptop's power adapter smaller?



In 1985, Toshiba (TOSHIBA T1000) took the lead in outlining the power of the laptop, creating the world's first independent notebook power adapter, and began to commercialize and popularize the laptop. In the past 32 years, notebook computers have undergone tremendous changes. Compared to the power adapter, the change of the power adapter is much slower. Because the design of the hardware circuit and the size of the components can not be reduced in a short time, after all, this is contrary to the basic physical principles. So, where is the difficulty of reducing the notebook power adapter?


The power supply for notebook computers is stable constant voltage DC, and our home power is usually about 100V-240V (alternating current, AC), while aircraft and other vehicles are usually about 12V (DC, DC). Generally, the unstable power is not directly charged to the notebook, otherwise it will be damaged. Batteries and notebook computers. So we invented a great laptop power adapter, which works by turning the unstable power supply into a laptop computer, using the principle of switching power supply, to power and charge the laptop. But that's the end of it? Of course not, in which there must be over current protection circuit, overvoltage protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit and other protection circuits, to prevent the notebook computer from burning.


What I use is the DC power of 19V 3A, which means that 220V alternating current is converted into high voltage direct current through rectifier circuit, then switch into high frequency and high voltage pulse, and then convert into low voltage (such as 19V) pulse through transformer. The low-voltage pulse of 19V passes through a rectifier and voltage stabilizing circuit and becomes a 19V stable DC current. You are must be confusing...



Without uniform standards, laptop power adapters will have such a complex classification.


At present, the most difficult problem for notebook power adapters is that there is no unified standard. All kinds of power adapters grow barbarous, so the laptop power supply we see is all kinds of different kinds, and it is difficult to classify them. They can be classified by brands, such as several big international plants we know well (alphabetical): Acer (Acer), APPLE (Apple), ASUS (ASUS), DELL (DELL), HP (HP), LENOVO (Association), and TOSHIBA (Toshiba). The use is divided into AC (for example, home, office is used for all alternating current called AC), DC (for example, on the car, the aircraft is used for DC are called DC).


According to the output voltage and current (the charger behind the label, generally written behind OUTPUT, how many V, how many A), there are 12V series, 15V series, 16V series, 18.5V series, 19V series, 19.5V series, 20V series, 24V series and so on. This is the voltage, the same series of current is still very different Oh ~, Even if the voltage and current are the same, the probability of the same size of the interface is very small, only from the shape of the interface, long, flat, square, round, however, the circle is also divided into large circle and small circle. So it's really hard to have wood?



If your power interface can be plugged into another laptop, congratulations on charging the notebook even if the current is different (the current is short, the current is long), and of course the current is not matched with the hardware in the notebook, so do not play this way. . But! Compared with the current, you need to pay more attention to the voltage, the voltage will cause irreversible damage to the product, and even... Come on, I don't say your own brain mending.


For our ordinary consumers, me editor prefer to classify them according to their shape, such as "brick shaped", "long square" and "Bian" (Bian). In the use of the use of the occasional design of all the designers and the wrong design, to understand the difficulty of the power adapter to reduce the difficulty after we come to a few of the rare flowers that we have seen.


The "brick shaped" power adapter is very common in the game book. Even if you look at the power supply, you can tell whether the notebook is specially designed for playing games. There is no doubt that its volume and weight are much larger than those of the latter two. Look at this thick and heavy power supply, especially the tiles. You can deal with emergencies easily and give you a sense of security. Of course, there are also some super powerful, super metamorphosis giant notebooks on the market, such as the power adapter two is their standard.


Although the laptop power adapter is getting smaller now, there have been some smaller power adapters in recent years, for example, the Microsoft Surface series is the best of the "long square" power adapters. It's not only a bit smaller than the traditional one, but it's also very humanized to join the USB's charging port, but the charge head is clearly not a standard shape. Whether inserted or inserted, it is very much like an antenna.



When it comes to "Bian" (Bian)... Well, it's the most common power adapter in the notebook now, most of them are square, large and small, but often the design of their power plug is relatively anti human. With these two power supplies, the plug is often fixed and out of the whole plane and in the backpack. It is very easy to squeeze out scratches for other equipment or to push out a pit, and it is also very abrupt on the plug-in board.


In addition, the more than one meter long power line is also a very headache problem, I think a lot of people have experienced the notebook power line +HDMI line + mouse line + keyboard line, it is simply crumbling. If the mouse and keyboard can realize wireless connection, is it possible for a laptop to realize wireless charging? Not to say, that's the case!


DELL has shown a laptop with a wireless charging design that looks similar to the wireless charging design of the mobile phone. In my opinion, the short distance mobile office is pretty good, but if I do it for a long time... Do you want me to take such a large charging disk to go out (black faced question mark)?

Therefore, the wireless charging of the notebook is still in an exploratory stage at this stage. Unless there is a substantial breakthrough in battery technology, it is difficult to have a good experience.


The Explorer will ask if the charger of electronic devices such as cell phones and computers will stay on the socket. I have to say that those who can ask such questions are good children who observe things carefully. The answer is to be consumed! The charger needs a series of processes such as depressurization, rectification, filtering and so on. The transformer equipment will be used in general, even if there is no load, there will be a corresponding "no-load loss". For the mature and reasonable industrial product design, this loss is generally lower than 1W. I think it might be more intuitive to change money.


In a little rough estimate, suppose a single electric equipment charger is 0.5W, then 1 hours of electricity is 1*0.5=0.5W h=0.0005. It is 365*0.012=4. 38 degrees for one year. According to the average of the electricity price, the 1 degree electricity is 5 cents, and the total loss of a notebook power adapter is about 2. A little more money, ~10, which is more than 20 yuan, although even a Starbucks is not enough money, but we have to remind everyone to save electricity.

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