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Can the power adapter be common?

Date: 2017-05-10
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Now more and more electrical appliances in our life need to use power adapters, such as mobile phones, computers and so on, and many mobile devices, almost all of the power adapters. So can the power adapters of these electrical appliances be universal? The following is explained by the technician of the mobile phone charger manufacturer Yongle Tong. Can the power adapter be universal?



 First, different specifications of "power adapters" can not be universal, and the key points are:


  ①Voltage must be consistent, otherwise it will burn electrical appliances or fail to work.


  ②the output current of the power adapter must be greater than the working current of the electrical appliance, otherwise, the power adapter will burn out after "overcurrent".


  ③the interface between the power adapter and the electrical appliance must match, otherwise it will not be able to connect.


  ④the positive and negative polarity should be consistent in order to avoid accidents.



Second, what kind of power adapter can be used?



If the voltage is suitable and the current is not less than the power adapter of the original power source, it can be replaced.



The meaning of the voltage is appropriate, that is to say that the voltage of the power adapter can be used as long as the voltage of the battery is above 4V of the notebook. Otherwise, the voltage is not open because the voltage is not enough, and the work pressure needed for the charge and the protection circuit of the notebook is not open.


The battery of 11.1V needs more than 15V of the power adapter, and the battery of 14.8V needs more than 19V voltage.


Can the power adapter be common? Let's share it here. To sum up, it is also possible to use the original charger in life, this is mainly for safety considerations, the general manufacturer will provide the original adapter, if it is not to find, can choose the same specification of the power adapter. Maybe many people do not know how to choose the power adapter in the process of choosing the power adapter. We have talked about how to choose the power adapter.


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