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DAJING AC Adapter received the honor of high-tech Innovative enterprises
Release time: 2019 - 03 - 19
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The promulgation of the new gb undoubtedly more regulated charging pile of the market, to reduce the standard interpretation of ambiguity space, from the "pile" to "test" to realize the unified, standard will "charging", all-round for "charging only" and "...
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Is the new national standard, the quasi issued two test standard: the electric car charger and battery management system of vehicle transmission type between the communication protocol conformance test "and the electric conduction charging interoperability test specification.New gb is promulgat...
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Electromagnetic interference is the most common problems in the process of electronic circuit design, designers have been searching for to eliminate or reduce the electromagnetic interference, or EMI method.But want to completely eliminate EMI interference, first need is to know what is EMI, what is...
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